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Low Sodium SOX 35W

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Company Profile
Product details


● High luminous efficacy leads to low energy consumption


● Uniform sodium distribution in the discharge tube by means of dimples for a more stable discharge, higher efficacy and better lumen maintenance and lamp life.

● Monochromatic yellow color with non-existent color rendering.


● Road lighting, railway marshalling yards and crossings, airports, harbours and docks, quarries, foundries and rolling mills.

● Security and orientation lighting.



Dimentional Drawing


D (Max)

C (Max)

SOX 35W BY22d

53 mm

311 mm

SOX 55W BY22d

53 mm

425 mm

SOX 90W BY22d

66 mm

525 mm

SOX 135W BY22d

66 mm

765 mm

Approval and Application

Order Code

Full Product Name

Energy Consumption kWh/1000 h

Energy Efficiency Label (EEL)


SOX 35W BY22d

40 kWh



SOX 55W BY22d

61 kWh



SOX 90W BY22d

100 kWh



SOX 135W BY22d

148 kWh


Approval and Application

General Information

Mercury (Hg) Content (Nom)

0 mg



Controls and Dimming

Life To 30% Failures (Nom)

8000 h



Life To 40% Failures (Nom)

10000 h

Luminaire Design Requirements

Life To 8% Failures (Nom)

6000 h

Bulb Temperature (Max)

150 °C

Light Technical

Correlated Color Temperature (Nom) 1800 K

SOX Lamps

SOX lamps are a low pressure sodium form of lighting that can be used as an alternative to SON lights. It's often welcomed by astronomers, for whom it causes lesser problems than high pressure sodium lighting in terms of light pollution. The yellow light of SOX is pleasing to the eye. Similar to SON lights in their range of applications, SOX lights might be used as road lighting, bridge or tunnel lighting, car park lighting, railway crossing lighting, and more! These lights are extremely cheap to run, and are long-lasting with an average 50% lifespan of up to 18,000 hours (20% at 12,000 hours).

LPS lamps are more closely related to fluorescent than high intensity discharge lamps, since they have a low-pressure,low-intensity discharge source and a linear lamp shape.Also like fluorescents they do not exhibit a bright arc as do other HID lamps; rather they emit a softer luminous glow, resulting in less glare. Unlike HID lamps, which can go out during a voltage dip,low pressure sodium lamps restrike to full brightness rapidly.

Another unique property of LPS lamps is that, unlike other lamp types,they do not decline in lumen output with age. As an example,mercury vapor HID lamps become very dull towards the end of their lives,to the point of being ineffective,while continuing to consume full rated electrical use. LPS lamps, however, do increase energy usage slightly (about 10%) towards their end of life, which is generally around 18,000 hours for modern lamps.

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