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Crystal Star Trophy

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The crystal is the ancient symbol of holiness and people will define the height of the crystal at the spiritual level. She is full of wisdom, courage, a very useful natural energy that you can use to change crystals and magnets, to purify the environment, and even feng shui can be changed to improve your own or the fate of your business. The crystal trophy has been baptized by nature and is regarded as a treasure!

Crystal is a way of life, people began to pursue crystal is nothing more than the pursuit of beauty. It's a human instinct, and it's because of this instinct, to explore the crystal, to make her more beautiful and accurate.

Crystal trophy is a kind of noble and pure symbol, often used in the government and enterprises issued prizes. It is glittering and translucent get rid of transparent, glittering and shining, hand feeling is exquisite, still can engrave character, grain design on it. Material crystal - as clean as ice and snow. It's great to use it as a prize for good people.

The crystal star trophy is kept with care.

1.The crystal star trophy itself is fragile, so in the process of moving, very careful, light handle. Do not put it where a child can reach it, and pay attention to the placement of the crystal trophy.

2.Do not use corrosive cleaner to clean crystal cup. Use soft and clean cloth as far as possible.

3.Crystal trophy had better be placed independently in a space, do not put together with too hard objects, such as jade jewelry, metal ornaments, etc. to avoid being scratched.

4.Crystal trophy still wants to avoid basking in the sun, high temperature lamplight is long-term point-blank, such meeting affects crystal colour and lustre.

The crystal trophy should not be touched by hand frequently. You should wear a white glove before you can hold it.

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