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HDPE pipe, UHMW-PE pipe, wear-resisting pipe

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Performance advantages of HDPE pipe:
1, long service life----- At rated temperature and pressure conditions, HDPE pipes can be safely used for 50 years or more.
2, Easy recycling, green----- The physical and chemical properties of the pipe and health indicators are in line with national and industry standards.
3, Excellent corrosion resistance----- Apart from a few strong oxidant, it can be resistant to a variety of chemical erosion of media; no electrochemical corrosion.
4, Excellent wear resistance----- Tests shows wear resistance of HDPE pipe is 4 times of steel pipe.
5, Wide temperature range----- -40 ~ +60 ℃ is the safe use of HDPE pipe.
6, Reliable connectivity----- Hot melt or fused interface strength of HDPE pipe is higher than the pipe body, joints will not move due to soil or the role of crustal movement disconnect.
7, Reliable safety performance----- High resistance to rapid crack propagation, pc, s4 ≥ 0.9Mpa.
8, Excellent transport properties-----HDPE pipe wall is smooth, absolute roughness k = 0.01mm, and the k value does not change with time.
9, Good impact resistance----- HDPE pipe’s toughness is good, impact resistance, high strength, heavy objects directly ran over the pipe does not cause pipeline rupture.
10, Good workability----- Light texture pipeline, welding process is simple, convenient construction, low construction cost.
Advantages of HDPE pipe:
1, High strength, excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, good creep resistance.
2, Good toughness and flexibility, on the basis of inequality and dislocation adaptable, able to withstand harsh environments such as earthquakes and typhoons.
3, Has good weather resistance (including UV) and long-term heat stability.
4, Corrosion-resistant, no need to do anti-corrosion treatment and long service life.
5, Smooth wall, water resistance, flow capacity, construction cost savings.
6, Good wear resistance, abrasion resistance.
7, Low-temperature impact resistance, can be used safely in a temperature range of -20 ~ 40 ℃, winter construction unaffected.
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